The Fact that skateboarding can be a positive force for change is a belief that we have held since starting Real and will never forget.

Launch Community Through Skateboarding is on a path to help preserve and promote a culture of creativity and self expression through skateboarding and it's community. You can be apart of this movement by lending your support.

Whether you've been involved in skateboarding your whole life or someone just starting to roll, as skaters we all know that we're apart of something much bigger than ourselves. Thanks to skate shop owners around the world and the millions of local skate scenes they work to support, the skateboarding community will always be a powerful force and one that continuously inspires all forms of creative expression in painting, music, videography and the simple act of skateboarding itself.

Former Owner of Market Skateshop In Fort Collins, CO Andrew Weiss has gone one step further than the shop and started an amazing non-profit organization Launch Skate that is devoted to empowering individuals to better themselves through skateboarding. With a recent Skate Art benefit show over the weekend to kick things off Launch is well on its way to getting the funds they need to build their community center which will house a communal mini ramp, a skateboard museum complete with over sixty years of skateboarding history, a library of art books, skate mags, and videos, and a studio area to facilitate hands-on workshops and host guest speakers.

For more info on Launch and what you can do to help support an incredible organization dedicated to growing and supporting the skateboarding community check out and their kickstarter page.

Thank you to Andrew Weiss and everyone involved with Launch, what you are doing for the skate scene in Colorado is truly inspiring.

Stay Tuned for more from Actions Realized & Launch Community Through Skateboarding