Stay Stupid - Since Forever...

Surprise...yep...we blew it again.

The response to the first reissue of the Hanging Klansman was overwhelming. We truly had no idea it would go the way it did (See? Stupid is us). It was never our intention to cut people out of getting the deck. The original 250 sold out in a few hours and it was painfully clear we didn’t make anywhere near enough to get even the die hard backers a chance at the decks. Your calls, emails and threats did not go unheard. We decided to make a second pressing of 300 more with three new colored veneers for anyone who may have missed out on the first round. Hopefully we got it right this time.

Thank you for being a part of it - it means so much.

A portion of the proceeds from these second pressing Limited Edition Hanging Klansman decks will go to Johnny Kicks Cancer, an amazing foundation dedicated to helping kids with Leukemia - thank you for the help!

Roll Forever.

9.75 x 31.9
Hand numbered only 300 made
assorted color bottom veneers
(only 40 available online)

A few words from Max Schaaf...

There are some people that just can't stop, that refuse to coast, that are always pushing. It's like a different breed, the type of person that would sacrifice most everything to do the best possible job they can do at what they are focusing this drive on.  Jim Thiebaud has this tenfold, maybe even twentyfold, if that is a real thing.

For over 20 years I’ve watched Jim give his life to REAL Skateboards. Why? Because it's him, it's his love; it's what he is great at, and most likely what he was born to do. Early on Jim saw a need to create what has become REAL, and has never stopped his pure skateboarding ideal since the beginning.

Of course Jim is totally against the reissue of his Original Klansman graphic, claiming, "No one wants that old shit", but, sorry Jim, all your passion and drive aside we can still sneak behind your back and give the people what they want...and of course we all want them for our wall too.

The Klansman was in the first box I ever got from Real, so it holds a personal value for me. I remember thinking about how bold and tough that graphic was, a giant middle finger to the bigots and the hatred that exists and just a pure example of the power and freedom of expression we all have as skaters. Just ask his friends, Tommy, Julien and Mickey they’ll all tell you the same, it’s just the way he’s always been, the Klansman deck is simply one of many, many examples.

Jim, recognizing this voice in the skate community has always used it to push skating in a positive direction, maybe political at times, maybe the type of school girl humor Jim bottles inside, or maybe for some really heavy support such as the Actions REALized program and helping kids with cancer.

Jim Thiebaud...still skating, always pushing, heart firmly placed on his sleeve, and most of all still pouring his soul into REAL Skateboards. Jim as a friend and a brother through REAL I admire your vision and all your hard work, and am proud to be a part of this amazing thing we call REAL SKATEBOARDS.

Hang ‘em high...

- Max Schaaf. 2013